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Digital Geospatial Situational Awareness Solutions

Most communities lack effective means to collect damage assessment information or record impacts caused by major incidents, severe weather events and disasters. The potential to capitalize on resource deployments and cost recovery is often lost when tasks are tackled without documentation.
RavenGIS™ assists decision makers through timely, robust information collection and data sharing from windshield damage assessment via disaster recovery. Scalable tools integrate stakeholder collaboration during blue skies through whole community engagement and preparedness exercise support.

Main Features

Location Services
Automatic Detection
Manual Address Entry
Lat/Lon • USNG • Address
Automatic Coordinate Conversions
Exercise Mode
Sandboxed Enviroment
Clone As Scenario
Train • Exercise • Test • Drills
Multimedia Submissions
Geo-Tagged Audio
Geo-Tagged Video
Bulk Uploads
Enhance Text Based Reports
Report Categories & Tagging
Quickly Associate FEMA Categories
Tag Conditions & Attributes
Define Custom Categories
Search & Export
One Click PDFs
Filter: Dates • Events • Trends • More
To KML: ArcGIS • TAK • Earth • More
Notifications & Alerts
Real-time Alerts on New Reports
Define & Toggle Reporting Channels
Unified Situational Awareness
Vetted Agents
High Confidence Reports
Approved Contributors & Stakeholders
Customized Sector Reporting


What is RavenGIS™

RavenGIS™, fueled by Fail Safe Technologies, is your communities' digital damage assessment and decision support toolbox, where augmented realityd meets situational awareness. Fail Safe Tech provides geospatial situational awareness solutions leveraging accessible digital reporting channels to streamline the response and recovery phases associated with public safety activities via the RavenGIS™ platform.

With RavenGIS™, you can deploy an easy to use, mobile friendly, always ready digital resource to add to your emergency response arsenal in a matter of minutes; that is also cost effective!

RavenGIS™ bridges the gap by facilitating collaborative information sharing through private-public partnerships that strengthen coordination efforts ultimately promoting the continuity of operations and reinforcing resiliency within a community.

At Fail Safe Tech, we realize the lack of real-time interoperable emergency technical resources is frustrating. RavenGIS™ streamlines strategic information and resources sharing concerning situational awareness.

Elevate community awareness; rapidly identify problem areas for electric and telecommunication providers for improved response and restoration times; you local 511 on road hazards, closures and incidents; the possibilities with RavenGIS™ are endless!

For proven interoperability, scalability and easy to use web based emergency support tools, professionals choose RavenGIS™, fueled by Fail Safe Technologies LLC for digital situational awareness solutions.

Why RavenGIS™

Data Collection
Easily collect data on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop via Web Browser
Maintain Accurate Records
Maintain accurate records and maximize cost recovery potential for public assistance
Big Picture
Quickly understand the impact of severe weather events, incidents, disasters and more with digital geospatial information system visualization
Resiliency and Social Vulnerability
Measure community resiliency from recorded impacts
Quickly identify and measure Social Vulnerability Index (SVI)
Resources and capabilities for efficient stablization of critical infrastructure
Rapidly identify problem areas
Improve response times, restoration of life lines and services within a community
Community Awareness
Promote customer engagement for whole community collaboration
Actionable Input
Actionable input collected from user fed reports routed to appropriate contacts via configurable alerting channels
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